About 13 years ago, Jack Johnson came into my life through the influence of my older American cousin who handed down music in the likes of Pearl Jam, Sublime, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, and of course Jack Johnson's first album 'Inaudible Melodies'. It became very clear very early on that I'd grow up in a special parallel with his music - it influencing me through rougher times and making me grow up with a different sense of the world. At the time in Belgium, no one had this type of music in their libraries and I found myself outside of the norm, listening and deeply relating to the lyrics being written and tunes being recorded halfway around the world with no similarities to my culture. It made me dream of a life here in California, where everyone knew his music and I'd be able to share the meanings of the lyrics and the thoughts it had provoked in me all along. The ones that made me dream of one day visiting the source of influence: Hawai'i, Jack's homeland. 

The laid back surfer community became an obsessive fascination for me throughout the years, dating back to the 1970's surf era which I am still heavily influenced by today. Visiting the islands took me a while, but it left a deep mark on me and the beauty has stained my memory unlike any other place. Hawaii is just something else. I don't care when you plan your trip or how you do it, just make sure you go. And don't stay at big resorts.